American Airlines Wine Club

Fans of mile-high drinking can now get a taste of the same experience at home thanks to the new American Airlines Wine Club. For $99 a month, members get three bottles of some of the wines served inflight shipped to them each month.

I'm sure it's good wine. For $33 a bottle, it better be. But it seems to me like a weird extension of the American Airlines' brand. Although as an economy flyer I associate air travel with misery and discomfort. Perhaps if I flew first-class I'd feel differently.

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     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jan 28, 2021
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Somehow this reminds me of a friend who was an ad rep. for a big wine company in Calif. As part of his compensation, he could have free wine, but 'only' one bottle per day. In his place, I would have been tempted to save them up and bathe in champagne one day.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/28/21 at 08:35 AM
From what I've seen the benefits of first class (once upon a time I was occasionally upgraded) to be superficial (better seats, food, and service) except the enjoyment of some to lord over everyone in economy class.
Posted by crc on 01/28/21 at 08:46 AM
You can't be too sure that an expensive bottle is a good bottle. I've had some wines that were pretty expensive and I regretted their purchase. Then again, I've had some "jug wines" that were tasty and inexpensive. (Carlo Rossi, a low-end Gallo offering comes to mind.) That old saw about a book and it's cover applies to wines also.
Posted by KDP on 01/28/21 at 05:05 PM
What is it with wine clubs? A couple of years ago, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) got into the racket. They're more reasonably priced ($150 a case), and at least they have the decency to try to make it look like it's appropriate (Sunset Boulevard Syrah, Elvis at the Movies Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) and are partnered with the Francis Ford Coppola Winery.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/28/21 at 05:43 PM
@KDP: You're quite right. And frankly, those in the picture don't look like wines I'd ever pay $33 or even $10 for.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/30/21 at 04:49 AM
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