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October 25, 2021

The Girl of the Far Future

This dress wouldn't have been out of place at an awards show in the '80s, or even today. So I'll give Ralph Moni credit for an accurate prediction.

New York Daily News - Mar 10, 1939

MISS OF 19??
Ralph Moni, noted dress designer, made this gown for Helen Meyer to show his idea of the girl of the far future at the Midwest Beauty Trades Show. Charles Book then did his stuff. . . he's a New York hairdress expert. . . and capped Helen with the "futuristic" coiffure.

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Category: Fashion | 1930s | Yesterday’s Tomorrows

The Language and Poetry of Flowers

Once upon a time, each flower held a very specific symbolical meaning. You can read about them in this book.

So be very careful next time you commission a bouquet for someone. You wouldn't want to include any white roses still in bud, lest you seem "ignorant of love."

Posted By: Paul - Mon Oct 25, 2021 - Comments (5)
Category: Innuendo, Double Entendres, Symbolism, Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink and Subliminal Messages | Nature | Books | Nineteenth Century | Love & Romance

October 24, 2021

Howard makes clothes for men who make babies

Howard was a New York clothes store for men. The theme of their 1966 ad campaign was that they made clothes for virile men.

The ad claiming that they made clothes "for men who make babies" was refused by every New York paper except the Times, which ran it once, and then never again, due to a complaint from the "Improvement of Advertising Content Committee".

New York Times - Mar 4, 1966

NY Daily News - Mar 3, 1966

NY Daily News - Mar 24, 1966

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Category: Babies | Advertising | 1960s | Men

The Houndcats

A series so obscure (only 13 episodes) that not even Wikipedia knows of it.

Their IMDB page reveals:

The Houndcats were five crack agents--leader Stutz, strongman Muscle Mutt, master of disguise Puddy Puss, electronics whiz Rhubarb and daredevil Dingdong--who received instructions of their latest mission via exploding tape-recordings and used their specialties to foil evil. If this sounds a bit like "Mission: Impossible", it's no coincidence. Sparkplug was the name of their car which took them to their assignments.

Posted By: Paul - Sun Oct 24, 2021 - Comments (3)
Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art | Cartoons | Cats | 1970s

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