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The Baileys of Balboa

The Wikipedia page, which says:

The show was primarily developed for the network because its president, James T. Aubrey, insisted that Gilligan's Island, which premiered the same season (and which he personally loathed), would have been a better show if it had centered on the exploits of a charter boat captain operating in a marina, and had his old friend Keefe Brasselle produce his version of the idea in order to prove his point.

Raquel Welch in this clip.

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Category: Humor | Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art | Oceans and Maritime Pursuits | Television | 1960s

July 25, 2018


Japan's Wakino Ad Company has announced that it plans to start selling advertising space on the armpits of young women. And it's already got a customer: a beauty treatment chain that will be advertising its underarm hair removal procedure.

The company website
via Sora News 24

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Follies of the Madmen #376

A quick hit of sugar at bedtime will send those kiddies straight to slumberland!

Original ad here.

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July 24, 2018

Attack of the Killer Umbrellas

In Ocean City, Maryland a woman was recently impaled in the chest by a wind-blown beach umbrella []. She's alive, but I assume in serious condition.

And just a week before another wind-blown umbrella stabbed a woman in the leg at the Jersey Shore.

The umbrellas are active this summer.

We've reported a number of other attacks by wind-blown umbrellas here on WU. In 1979, Paulette Fabre was killed by one on the French Riviera. And in 2010 a woman at Ocean City (again!) had an umbrella go straight through her thigh.

Forget the sharks in the water. It's the wind-blown umbrellas people need to worry about.

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Category: Accidents | Death


Let us know when you bail. The visuals start after 45 seconds.

“Stereopticon treats sense data or phenomena as the root of structured
thought. It is not in the line of experimental films which present
visual and audial phenomena as matter directly perceived. Instead
Stereopticon delineates its own structure by means of a moving interposed
view point and counter viewpoint : by continuous motion it implies or
circumscribes a complete cosmology. The structure is musical and circular,
rather than dramatic and linear, and is constructed of six movements and mood cycles...”

Posted By: Paul - Tue Jul 24, 2018 - Comments (9)
Category: Movies | Pop Art | Surrealism | 1960s | Cacophony, Dissonance, White Noise and Other Sonic Assaults

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