Weird Universe Blog — January 3, 2020

Dinosaurs Live!

The name of the event did imply there were going to be living dinosaurs at the Memphis Zoo. So, perhaps the people who asked for their money back were simply sticklers for truth in advertising.

Longview Daily News - Sep 9, 1992

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Election 2020

Expect absurdist acts of political theater throughout the new year, from all sides.

[Mrs. Guilford Dudley of Nashville with ear trumpet, talking into ear of Democratic donkey, played by Mrs. Mary Semple Scott in skit at 1920 National American Woman Suffrage Association in Chicago]

Photo source.

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January 2, 2020

The Taste Organ

Decatur Herald - Sep 14, 1926

An experimental model of the 'Taste Organ,' which was developed by a French scientist. To enjoy the taste 'harmonies' the 'listener' holds a small tube in his mouth so that the various concentrated liquids can be injected either singly or in the correct combination.

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Category: Food | Inventions | 1920s

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