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Apparatus for temporarily immobilizing earthworms

Worms wiggle. This can make it hard for fishermen to impale them on a hook. But in 1989, Loren Lukehart of Boise, Idaho offered a solution. He received a patent (No. 4,800,666) for a method of "dewiggling" earthworms.

His invention was essentially a rectangular box full of sand. From his patent:

To dewiggle a worm, the fisherman has to simply set the worm in the rectangular container on top of the sharp grained sand. During the worm's natural locomotion process, the sand becomes partially imbedded in the earthworm and causes an immediate reaction wherein the earthworm completely relaxes. The earthworm is then effectively dewiggled and ready to be impaled onto the fishing hook.

Once the sand coated earthworm is immersed in water, the sand rinses free and the earthworm resume its normal wiggly character.

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Category: Inventions | Sports | 1980s

Forty Commercial Minutes from 1969

An absolutely fascinating time capsule of absurdity, sincerity and mendacity in a vanished era.

Note how much pop culture had infiltrated advertising, such as the YELLOW SUBMARINE-style animation in several cases.

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Category: Advertising | 1960s

June 27, 2020

Falling Cats

The physics of falling cats. Narrated by Australian physicist Karl Kruszelnicki.

The Age (Melbourne, Australia) - Sep 4, 1991

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Category: Science | Cartoons | Cats

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