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Exit Traveler Rescue Kit

The Exit Traveler came on the market in the late 1980s. It was designed to let hotel guests rappel out of their window in the event of a fire.

Of course, you had to carry the thing around in your luggage, on the off chance that you got stuck in a burning building and the stairs were inaccessible. Then you had to find something to anchor the device to. And it was one-use only. Perhaps why it never caught on.

Seems that the inventors also tried to get hotels to pre-install them in rooms, anchored to walls. But the hotels probably had visions of guests rappelling out of windows even when there wasn't a fire.

More info: Exit Traveler

Newsweek - Oct 26, 1987

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Category: Inventions | Hotels | 1980s

Primitive London

The IMDB page.

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Category: Movies | Exploitation and Grindhouse | 1960s | United Kingdom

March 19, 2021

Name That List, #63

What is this a list of? The answer is below in extended.

  • A nude dance bar, massage/modeling studio and adult video/bookstore — all in one
  • 40,000 dog costumes for Halloween "or other special occasions"
  • 9,000 "Calypso Cup Holders"
  • A 10-foot wooden giraffe sculpture
  • A patent "for a process to convert manure into cattle feed"
  • Bear Island outside Ely, Minnesota

More in extended >>

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Category: Name That List

Illegal Bikini

Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas) 20 May 1966, Fri Page 12

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Category: Domestic | Sexuality | Public Indecency | Scary Criminals | 1960s

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