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Sarah and the Demons

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Sarah Palin Zombie

Wow--it didn't take long for Sarah Palin to enter rock poster iconography, did it?

Have a zombie-rific Halloween!

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Strange Candidate #6: Lar “America First” Daly

From the 1930s to the 1970s Lar "America First" Daly ran for just about every elective office, including Senator, President, Governor, and Mayor. He never won. This may have had something to do with his campaign slogan: "America First -- or Death."

He campaigned wearing an Uncle Sam suit. He would promote his candidacy by driving around Chicago in a sound truck. (Is this where the Blues Brothers got the idea?) When not campaigning, he earned a living by operating a chair and stool company out of the garage behind his house.

Some of the issues he supported:

• Any witness who invokes the 5th amendment to the constitution should be sent to prison.
• Known dope peddlers should be shot on sight (after first receiving a seven day warning to get out of town).

He described himself as "known throughout America as Sen. Douglas MacArthur's greatest supporter." He filed MacArthur's name for President in every election from 1936 onwards.

In the 1950s he boasted that he was the only candidate "100 per cent behind" Sen. McCarthy's investigations into domestic Communist activities.

He told President Truman that he wanted to accompany the crew of the first American plane to fly over Moscow so that he could release the atomic bomb over the Kremlin.

But his real claim to fame came from his constant demands to be given equal time whenever a mainstream candidate appeared on air, citing Section 315 of the Communications Act, the so-called "equal time" provision. Because of him, Congress amended the law so that broadcasters didn't always have to give equal time.

Once he was effectively barred from free air time, he began buying ads in newspapers. An example of one is reproduced below. He died in 1978.

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Strange Candidate #5: Henry Krajewski

Henry Krajewski, New Jersey pig farmer, was the self-proclaimed candidate of the Poor Man's Party. He ran three times for president, in 1952, 1956 and 1960. Plus, he ran for Governor and Senator. His most successful campaign was his 1954 run for Senator, in which he got 23,000 votes. He didn't win, but he was credited with being a spoiler, his votes enabling Republican candidate Clifford Case to win a close election over Democrat Charles Howell.

Krajewski campaigned with a pig under his arm. The pig, he said, "squeals like the people for a fair deal." His slogan was "No piggy deals in Washington." He also promised "more beer parties for the poor man" as well as "free milk for all school children with the cost paid by the Government."

He chose the pig as his symbol because he felt it symbolized peace and prosperity. The reasoning behind this was a) it was a gentle animal; and b) there was no waste on it (all the parts are eaten).

He raised funds for his campaign through the sale of a polka record: "Hey, Krajewski!"

He favored a two-president system because "if you had a Democrat and a Republican in the White House at the same time, they'd be so busy watching each other that there would be no danger of a dictatorship." He was also a supporter of Joseph McCarthy and his campaign to root out suspected communists.

He died in 1966 of a heart attack.

Strange Candidate #4: Jonathan Maxwell
Strange Candidate #3: George Francis Train
Strange Candidate #2: Homer Tomlinson
Strange Candidate #1: Live-Forever Jones

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Strange Candidate #4: Jonathan Maxwell

85-year-old Jonathan Maxwell ran for president in 1948 as the candidate of the American Vegetarian Party. He was the owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Chicago and claimed not to have tasted any meat in 45 years. He also said that he loved every vegetable, "except okra."

As the leader of the Vegetarian Party, Maxwell demanded the abolition of slaughterhouses and cattle cultivation. He advocated the use of pasture lands for growing foodstuffs, saying this would solve the world's food problems. He also proposed building "garden cities" in underdeveloped areas. Finally, he wanted to ban liquor, tobacco, and medicine.

Maxwell estimated there were at least 3,000,000 vegetarians in the U.S. and hoped to get all their votes. Just one problem. He was born in England and was therefore ineligible to be President. His running mate, Symon Gould, conceded "Of course, we don't expect to be elected."

During the election, he suddenly realized the impossibility of being elected and decided he "wanted to accomplish something during the campaign" (according to the statement of his running mate). Therefore, he married a woman forty-years younger than himself.

He didn't run for president again. In fact, he fell on hard times during the 1950s and had to work as a door-to-door salesman (in his 90s!). Nevertheless, the vegetarian lifestyle and young bride must have been good for his health, because he lived to be 101 years old, spending his final days on a utopian commune with members of the American Vegan Society in southern California.

Strange Candidates #3: George Francis Train
Strange Candidates #2: Homer Tomlinson
Strange Candidates #1: Live-Forever Jones

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Strange Candidates #3: George Francis Train

Continuing the exploration of strange presidential candidates from American history:

George Francis Train (1829-1904)

Train was a fascinating character. Some facts about his life:
  • He made a fortune in the railway business.
  • He traveled around the world in sixty-seven days, which was a record for the nineteenth-century, and which made him the inspiration for Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days.
  • He ran for President in 1872, as an independent candidate. The issues he stood for included temperance, and women's rights.
  • In later years he campaigned to become Dictator of the United States.
  • Campaigning was a bit difficult because he refused to shake hands with anyone, due to his belief that touching another person's flesh would cause a loss of "psychic force." Whenever he met someone he would "gravely shake hands with himself."
  • He believed that extreme longevity could be achieved by eating no "dead animals" and wearing no underwear.
  • As an old man he took up boxing and fought in a match at the Bowery Theatre. (He believed the boxing gloves served as insulators against the loss of psychic force.)
  • According to Wikipedia, "He spent his final days on park benches in New York City's Madison Square Park, handing out dimes and refusing to speak to anyone but children and animals."
  • When he died, the Thirteen Club (a club of rationalist skeptics -- its name was intended to mock the superstition of 13 at a table being unlucky) passed a resolution declaring Train to be one of the few sane men in "a mad, mad world."

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Meet the Candidates

Expanding on the theme of strange candidates, here are some of the candidates that are (or were) seeking your vote in the current presidential election.

Gene Amondson, Prohibition Party
Amondson is running on a single issue: bringing back prohibition. He describes prohibition as "America's Best Years."

Donald K. Allen, Independent
One of the few candidates to have a position on puppy mills: "As President, I would appoint a secretary of agriculture that would effectively shut down puppy mills through true enforcement of existing law and national educational exposure of this despicable business. Instead of working from the bottom up, I would effectively mandate the dismantling of commercial interstate puppy trade from the top. This would be a no- or low-priority issue for any other candidate."

Bruce Bongardt, The Proudican Party
Bongardt describes himself as "a 42 year old middleclass creative problem-solving Mechanical Design Engineer." He describes the Proudican Party as "a new, self-started party focused on sustaining US Democracy principles through an independent platform of boldly aggressive technology-based prolutions (progressive solutions)." Some of his "prolutions" include expanding the standard week to 9 days and transitioning the currency to e-money.

James Harlin Carter, The Real Food Party
"The Real Food Party seeks to revise existing regulations to allow the sale of non-pasteurized milk and other 'food that is helpful.'" Carter has conceded that he's not going to win the 2008 election. Therefore, he's not going to participate in any debates and has no plans to raise any money.

Terry Lee "Tee" Barkdull, Unaffiliated

Matthew Borman, The American Party
Borman writes: "I am Matthew Borman. I am a 36 year old, who since the age of 14, had to work in order to survive. From the age that I was old enough to recognize government; the excitement about the politician, the writing of new law or the formation of government social program has eluded me. I am a simple working man. The people who seem so int rested in Governing my life have caused more hurt than help with their years of law making."
Borman has many positions, but apparently improving spelling and grammar is not one of them.

Jeff Boss, The Independent Party
Boss is going for the conspiracy theorist vote: "My Goal is to Save America, and make it a democracy again. I witnessed a person high up in the NSA planning the 9/11 attack. They were talking about helping Ramsi Yousef (responsible for the 93 bombing at the World Trade Center) call his uncle Kolid Sheik Mohammed (considered the mastermind of the 911 attack) from the NSA secret prison in Alexandria, VA, and they were talking about flying planes into buildings."

John Taylor Bowles, National Socialist Order of America
Going for the Nazi vote. From Wikipedia: "Bowles runs his campaign out of the "Redneck Shop" in Laurens, South Carolina, which features Nazi, Confederate States of America and KKK paraphernalia. As of March 2008, Bowles is the only listed individual contributor to his campaign." (Bowles suffered a heart attack in July, so he's off the ticket.)

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Strange Candidates #2: Homer Tomlinson

Continuing the exploration of strange presidential candidates:

"Mighty Man of God" Homer Tomlinson (1892-1969)

Tomlinson was the founder of the Church of God (World Headquarters). His plan was to bring about the kingdom of God on earth by getting the members of his church elected to public office. Therefore, he ran for President in 1952, 1960, 1964, and 1968 as the candidate for the "Theocratic Party" (which he also founded).

His campaign promises included: substituting tithing for taxes, creating cabinet posts for "Secretary of Righteousness" and "Secretary of the Holy Bible," unifying church and state, and establishing Bible reading and prayer in all schools.

Tomlinson never won an election, though he did receive 24 votes in 1964. But that didn't matter, because in 1965 he declared himself "King of the World." He ruled the world from a hotel room in Jerusalem, wearing a gold-painted crown and sitting on a folding chair. From a 1966 New Yorker profile of him:

He founded the Theocratic Party and has been its candidate for U.S. President since 1952, has written many books and songs, speaks in some 20 or 30 languages. One of many wonders he has effected by being in the right place at the right time was a downpour in the desert, during a 1000 mile walk from Iran to Bethlehem in 1955.

More info at Ron's Parlour Tricks. Also, Legacy America is selling a leaflet from his 1964 campaign.

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Strange Candidates #1: Live-Forever Jones

With the Presidential election now less than two months away, I thought it would be appropriate to devote some posts to the stranger candidates who have run for President over the years. First up we have "Live Forever" Jones.

Leonard "Live-Forever" Jones
Born: July 3, 1797. A resident of Louisville, Kentucky.

Jones was something of a perennial candidate, declaring himself a candidate for President in every election between the late 1840s and 1860s. But his ambitions were not limited to the Presidency. He declared himself to be a candidate for every high office, both State and Federal. When, in 1867, he failed to be elected Governor of Kentucky (he received no votes), he declared himself to be the rightful Governor. He considered himself vindicated when the elected governor, John Larue Helm, died five days into his second term. Similarly, he considered Lincoln's assassination to be divine punishment for the nation's failure to elect himself.

Affiliation: Live-Forever Jones was a member of the "High Moral" party. In fact, he was its only member. The central doctrine he promoted was the belief that immortality could be achieved through a regimen of prayer and fasting. Naturally, he considered himself to be immortal. Thus, his name. He had an unusual manner of speechifying on behalf of his views. He would jump up and down while banging a hickory cane on a table to emphasize his points. Often he would bang so loudly that he would drown out his own voice.

Sadly but predictably, Jones failed to live up to his name. He caught pneumonia, refusing any medical aid because he insisted his sickness was moral, not physical. He died on August 30, 1868.

Despite his odd behavior, he was one of Louisville's favorite eccentrics. Politicians humored him by actually filing the ballots he presented to them, and when he spoke he drew huge crowds who applauded wildly at all his schemes and assertions.

Source: Keven McQueen, Offbeat Kentuckians.

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Category: Politics, Strange Candidates

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