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The Sony SmartWig

Sony was granted a patent for its "SmartWig" in 2016, but, to date, it doesn't seem to have brought the device to market.

The idea was that a person could pair their smartphone with the wig and then receive "tactile feedback" (such as a vibration) when they received a text or email.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The SmartWig had many more potential uses, such as the following:

During a presentation the user may, for example, move forward or backward through presentation slides by simply pushing the sideburns, i.e. by pushing the one or more buttons. Thus, the user can control the presentation slides simply by natural behavior like touching side burns. Additionally, the wearable computing device may comprise a laser pointer that is arranged in or on the wig. The laser pointer may, for example, be arranged on a forehead part of the wig, so that the user may point out relevant information on the projected slide in the above-explained presentation mode.

I imagine it would be a lot more difficult to aim a laser pointer with your head rather than your hand. Not to mention it would look bizarre.

#40 represents the possible location of a laser pointer

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Category: Technology | Patents | Hair and Hairstyling

Stan Freberg’s Chun King Commercials

Well-known for his comedy and innovative commercials, Stan Freberg outdid himself for the Chun King campaign.

If you go to YouTube, you can see a classic hour of comedy that Freberg did with Chun King as the sponsor.

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Category: Food | Humor | Television | Advertising | 1960s

February 23, 2024

Cancer Cured with soothing balmy oils

McClure's Magazine - Apr 1898

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Category: Patent Medicines, Nostrums and Snake Oil | Nineteenth Century

February 22, 2024

Making a road safe for the Queen Mother

I'm puzzled by the timing of the operation described below. Tarmac was laid, the Queen Mother arrived and reviewed the guard of honor, then the tarmac was removed again — all within the space of two hours. That doesn't seem like long enough for the tarmac to have dried. Did they have her walking on wet tarmac?

London Sunday Dispatch - May 18, 1958

Posted By: Alex - Thu Feb 22, 2024 - Comments (2)
Category: Royalty | 1950s

The Orgy Game

Even the legendary site Board Game Geek has no additional info on this item.

Posted By: Paul - Thu Feb 22, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Games | Advertising | 1960s | Sex

February 21, 2024

Cold Sore Diamond Lips

There's just a few days left to enter to win a "one-of-a-kind pair of diamond lips" in a contest sponsored by the makers of Abreva Cold Sore Cream. The lips are made of "197 lab grown diamonds sculpted and set within white gold," and one red ruby "to mark the cold sore experience."

The company notes that if you currently have a cold sore on your lips you should wait until "after they've healed" to wear the diamond lips.

More info:

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Category: Contests, Races and Other Competitions | Jewelry | Kitsch and Collectibles

February 20, 2024

Fatigue Vaccine

I wonder what was this "vaccine against fatigue" that scientists in the 1920s thought they had discovered. Methamphetamine perhaps? I know that the Nazis thought it was an anti-fatigue wonder drug.

More info: Robert Armstrong-Jones (wikipedia)

Nottingham Evening Post - Nov 29, 1923

Daily Mirror - Nov 30, 1923

Shreveport Times - Nov 30, 1923

Posted By: Alex - Tue Feb 20, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Science | Sleep and Dreams | 1920s

Follies of the Madmen #588

I wonder if they legally licensed Batman and the Flash from DC Comics?

Posted By: Paul - Tue Feb 20, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Advertising | Candy | Cartoons | Psychedelic | 1960s

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