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The Eleven Commandments of Revenge

From Spite, Malice & Revenge: The Complete Guide to Getting Even, by M. Nelson Chunder and George Hayduke (1988).

These commandments seem like they would be broadly applicable to many types of criminal activity.

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Category: Pranks and Revenge

The Witch Dance

I am a little late to this fad, initiated in 2016. But since it is still currently surging (this article ((possibly paywalled))) cites a current instance in my native state, I thought we needed to know about it.

This older article explains.

But at the end of April, the women of Wolfshäger Hexenbrut (in English: The Wolf Hunter's Coven), located in Wolfshagen im Harz, Germany, do something a little different.

They get together to celebrate Walpurgis, a holiday celebrating fertility, celebrations including lots of dancing, foods, and drinking, which usually occurs every year on April 30th.

However, in 2016, their celebrations included a choreographed dance to Schüttel deinen Speck, in English: Shake Your Bacon, by German Reggae-Pop artist, Peter Fox, in 2008.

The dance went viral once posted to YouTube -

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May 20, 2022

Charles Davis, collector of elephant hairs

Charles Davis collected elephant hairs — in particular the long hairs that grow from their tails. By the time he was 83, in 1962, he had hairs from 357 different elephants.

Cincinnati Enquirer - June 14, 1959

Details from a syndicated article by Ramon J. Geremia (Weirton Daily Times - Mar 24, 1962)

Davis, 83, who uses the title "Elephant Biographer," lives alone in a six-room house surrounded by mementoes of circuses and of elephants he has known, loved and pulled hair from. There are statues of elephants, elephant-shaped lamps, pieces of ivory, elephant bull hooks, even a tooth garnered in 1933 from an elephant named "Vera."...

But the elephant hairs make up the bulk of the collection of elephantiana. The longest one is 13 inches, the shortest, plucked from a 200 pound baby elephant, is one and one-half inches long. They include colors ranging from black to white with a few red chin whiskers.

Most of them were plucked from elephant tails — some were cut from the more belligerent behemoths. Every zoo in the nation is represented, except the Bronx Zoo in New York...

Davis started his unusual hobby as an elephantphile in 1928. He asked a circus elephant trainer to suggest something he could collect from or about elephants and the trainer suggested hair. Davis, a retired optometrist, says his collection "took my mind off business."

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Category: Animals | Collectors | Hair and Hairstyling

Pucci Ski Mask

B&W source: The Evening Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) 01 Jan 1963, Tue Page 4

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Category: Fashion | Skating, Sledding, Skiing and Other Wintertime Pursuits | Surrealism | 1960s

May 19, 2022

Unsuspecting drug dealer

July 1973: Two undercover agents approached Eduardo Bazua at a gas station and attempted to buy heroin from him. However, he was reluctant to make the sale there and asked if there was somewhere more private they could go. So the agents took him to their nearby office at the Drug Enforcement Agency. Once in the office, Bazua proceeded to make the sale, and the agents promptly arrested him.

In Bazua's defense, there was no lettering on the door identifying it as the DEA, but even so, the fact that the office was on the 12th floor of the downtown federal building should have been a clue.

Los Angeles Times - July 27, 1973

San Bernardino County Sun - July 26, 1973

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Each Child Is Different

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Category: Education | Family | Children | PSA’s | 1950s

May 18, 2022

The Tweter, sweater for two

The tweter was a fashion gimmick introduced in 1963. It continued to be sold for about a year before the public lost interest.

Lexington Herald - Nov 1, 1963

Life - Oct 25, 1963

For young women, the tweter apparently posed some challenges. If they agreed to wear it, were they implicitly agreeing to do more than just holding hands? Molly Mayfield thought so.

Tucson Daily Citizen - Dec 5, 1963

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Canary Sing-along

Pet birds making their traditional sonic calls while classical music plays.

This little player starts at track one and goes through the whole album. But if you'd like to skip right to your favorite, go here.

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Category: Animals | Music | 1960s

May 17, 2022

Cannery Row in a can

Created by artists Peter and Donna Thomas in 2003.

Info from UW Milwaukee library:

To see the book, the can must be opened with a can opener, presenting the owner with a dilemma: do they want their artwork to be ‘original’ and leave the can sealed, or do they open the can to see the book inside. We had hoped to use a sardine tin, with the little key to open it, but could not find a source. During the search we found a local business, Dave’s Albacore, which had an old canning machine salvaged from Cannery Row. They were willing to can the book for us, saying ‘drop it off on a Friday and we will can the books first thing Monday morning, and hopefully that way they won’t smell too much like fish.’

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Category: Art | Books

The Artist’s Dream

The quality of the film is less than perfect, but I think it's still enjoyable--and weird!

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Category: Dreams and Nightmares | Cartoons | Dogs | 1910s

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