Weird Universe Blog — November 23, 2022

The Barrett Eye Normalizer

Perfect vision through eyeball massage. At least, that was the claim.

Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan - Oct 1926

Source: American Artifacts

Boston Sunday Globe - Oct 8, 2017

Posted By: Alex - Wed Nov 23, 2022 - Comments (1)
Category: Frauds, Cons and Scams | Eyes and Vision

Allan Bryant, “Space Guitars”

Let us all know how far you get before tossing in the audio towel.

Posted By: Paul - Wed Nov 23, 2022 - Comments (4)
Category: Space Travel | 1970s | Cacophony, Dissonance, White Noise and Other Sonic Assaults

November 22, 2022

How to fool a legman

"The legman is an artist."

Maybe so, but the picture sure makes him look weird and creepy.

Vogue - Oct 1, 1969

Posted By: Alex - Tue Nov 22, 2022 - Comments (6)
Category: Advertising | 1960s | Legs

Unauthorized Dwellings 26

Source: The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California) 14 Nov 1966, Mon Page 7

Posted By: Paul - Tue Nov 22, 2022 - Comments (2)
Category: Unauthorized Dwellings | Bohemians, Beatniks, Hippies and Slackers | 1960s | North America

November 21, 2022

How much do you need to chew your food?

British dentist John H. Farrell spent much of his career studying the relationship between chewing and digestion. This involved repeated experiments in which he put bits of food in small, cotton-mesh bags, had subjects chew the food (or not), and then swallow it. The next step was more unpleasant:

On recovery from the faeces the bags were washed gently and the contents, if any, were examined and weighed.

The years he spent doing this convinced him that "very little chewing is required for maximum digestion."

More info: "The effect on digestibility of methods commonly used to increase the tenderness of lean meat"

Bedford Times-Mail - Apr 17, 1964

Posted By: Alex - Mon Nov 21, 2022 - Comments (3)
Category: Food | Experiments | Stomach | Teeth

November 20, 2022

The house of 2020

Back in 1989, the BBC show 'Tomorrow's World' predicted what kind of technology people would have in their homes in 2020. They weren't that far off.

They got music on voice command right. But we don't yet have walls that turn into windows.

Posted By: Alex - Sun Nov 20, 2022 - Comments (4)
Category: Technology | Yesterday’s Tomorrows


Wow, what a bunch of bizarre stinkers from an odd decade.

Posted By: Paul - Sun Nov 20, 2022 - Comments (3)
Category: Success & Failure | Television | 1970s

November 19, 2022

Loving Bear Puffy

Loving Bear Puffy is a plush figure in the shape and size of a male human body, but with the head of a half-asleep bear...

Puffy replaces the need for the physical presence of a person in various moments and situations of everyday life, especially during long lonely nights...

ATTENTION! Due to Puffy's human figure and size, it will take some time to get used to him, but we assure you that very soon you will get used to his presence and will only enjoy and cuddle him.

More info:

Posted By: Alex - Sat Nov 19, 2022 - Comments (2)
Category: Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Les Baxter’s “Goliath and the Barbarians”

Space-age Bachelor Pad meets Sword and Sandals. What could be better?

If you dig the first track, embedded here, go to the Internet Archive listing for the album, click the Spotify option, and you get the whole thing.

Posted By: Paul - Sat Nov 19, 2022 - Comments (3)
Category: Movies | Space-age Bachelor Pad & Exotic | 1950s | 1970s | Europe

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