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Air Raid Noise Experiment

These pictures in the Google Arts picture archive don't come with any explanatory text, except that they're from an "Air Raid Noise Experiment" conducted in Nuneaton in 1941. But I suspect that the experiment was part of a series of psychological experiments conducted in the UK in 1941 that attempted to "harden Britons to bomb shock." The idea was to expose people to the sounds of air raid sirens and battle sounds so that they would lose their fear of them. As described in the news clipping below:

The suggestion was advanced that whole populations be put through the experiment to make them 'immune, through familiarity, to fear caused by air raid noises.'

The Greenfield Daily Reporter - Nov 28 1941

I've been aware of these experiments for a while. I previously posted something about them back in 2009. But I just came across these photos and realized they must be from one of these experiments.

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November 1, 2017

Hothouse Children

Well, that's one theory, I guess...

Original article here.

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Pinky Bonded

Rachel Deckert was supposed to turn herself in at the Lewis County Jail on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. She did. Problem was, she was pinky bonded to her girlfriend, and they couldn't separate. As a form of couples therapy the two had used epoxy to glue their pinky fingers together inside a copper pipe.

Said Detective Patty Finch, "They haven’t been able to feel their fingers for three days."

Not clear how the two will be unattached. Pinky amputation is a possibility.

More info: The Chronicle

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October 31, 2017

Why is Florida Weird?

Craig Pittman, columnist at the Tampa Bay Times, has a new book out that might be of interest to WUvies. It asks the question: why does so much weird news come out of Florida?

He suggests a few possible reasons in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio:

"Well we don't have any snow as you know, and so as a result, people are able to be out doing weird stuff all year long," he said.
He also cites the shifting landscapes and inherent dangers in the geography that can lead to a live-for-the-moment attitude. "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may be wiped out by a sinkhole or a shark bite or lightening -- all of which happen more in Florida than any other state. So, it leads to this sort of YOLO culture in Florida. And that's, honestly part of what makes it kind of fun to be a journalist here -- is writing about all the people who grab for the gusto ... and miss," he said.

These same reasons would also apply to my neck of the woods, SoCal. But our particular dangers are earthquakes, fires, and rattlesnakes.

Oh, Florida! — available from Amazon

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Mystery Illustration 61

This woman is attempting to sell you a magazine. What type? Skin mag? Sports mag? CAT FANCY?

The answer is here.

UPDATE: original page now sequestered behind the new paywall at THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE ARCHIVES.

And after the jump.

More in extended >>

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October 30, 2017

Weird News Costumes

With Oct 31 almost upon us, I was trying to find examples of people who dress up for Halloween as characters from weird news stories. So far, I've found two.

The first is the Swiss Cheese Pervert. You may recall he was that guy who would drive around Philadelphia propositioning women while holding and fondling a piece of swiss cheese. He was arrested in 2014. Chuck mentioned him once in a column.

The Swiss Cheese Pervert

Swiss Cheese Pervert Costume (via

The second is the "Monkey Jesus" painting — the name given to an amateur art restorer's attempt in 2012 to "fix" a 1930 fresco of Jesus.

via Yahoo! News

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The Oshkosh Snozzle

I am trying to picture being a passenger on a flaming airplane when the Snozzle thrusts its tip thru the wall and starts spraying.

Homepage here.

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October 29, 2017

Noise-canceling ramen fork

The OTOHIKO fork from Nissin, for noisy ramen slurpers. It doesn't actually cancel out the noise. When it detects a slurping noise it causes your phone to make a louder, wave-crashing sound, which drowns out the slurping sound.

It costs ¥14,800. Or around $130.


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Category: Inventions, Noises and Other Public Disturbances of the Peace, Cacophony, Dissonance, White Noise and Other Sonic Assaults

Follies of the Madmen #332

Wait a minute--this is my own tire on my own car that is being represented as a hideous criminal killer! And since I, the driver, am responsible for my own tires, I must be a hideous criminal killer too!

Way to make your customers feel good about themselves!

Original ad here.

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