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Pseudo Corpse Scent

The Sigma-Aldrich Corporation sells a variety of scents including: Pseudo Corpse I (that smells like a body less than 30 days old), Pseudo Corpse II (that mimics the dry-rot scent cadavers attain after a month), and Pseudo Drowned Victim.

The scents are intended to be used for training rescue dogs, but I suppose they could also be used to enhance a Halloween costume.

Their product literature offers the following info about training dogs to find a corpse:

Canine reaction to a body can vary widely. The general categories of behavior are:

1 . Enthusiasm - the dog does not hesitate to approach the body. It may attempt to elicit a response from or urinate on the victim.

2. Cautious Interest - the dog slows its search, may become nervous and raise its hackles, but with encouragement, will approach the victim.

3. Avoidance - the dog will not approach the scent source and may actually attempt to leave the area. This behavior may become evident some distance from the body as the dog enters the scent cone.

image source:

More info: Discover magazine

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Category: Death | Dogs | Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

The Highest Streakers

I can find absolutely no supporting documentation of this event, but the photo comes from the Library of Congress, so it must be true!

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Category: Architecture | Fads | Public Indecency | 1970s

July 23, 2021

The Winooski Dome

In 1979, officials in Winooski, Vermont applied for a $55,000 federal grant to study the possibility of building a dome over the entire city. They explained that a dome might slash the cost of heating Winooski's buildings by up to 90 percent.

They didn't actually have a plan for how the dome would be built, but they eventually enlisted the help of architect John Anderson who came up some ideas. Details from

Thinking ahead, he envisioned a vinyl-like material attached over a network of metal cables, ranging from transparent (on the southern side, to allow in sunlight) to opaque on the northern side. Air would be brought inside by large fans and heated or cooled as necessary. The Dome would be held up by air pressure just slightly above atmospheric pressure. Entrances and exits would consist of double doors, akin to an airlock. The homes inside would require no individual heating or cooling — “you could grow tomatoes all year-round” he said. If the Dome were punctured it would come down slowly, allowing for ample warning.

Posted By: Alex - Fri Jul 23, 2021 - Comments (1)
Category: Architecture | 1970s

He’d Have To Get Out And Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile)

"I have a daughter who's hungry for love. She likes to ride every day."

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Category: Innuendo, Double Entendres, Symbolism, Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink and Subliminal Messages | Music | 1910s | Cars | Love & Romance

July 22, 2021

Miss Department of Illinois

Edith Ann McDougall wasn't Miss Illinois. Instead, in 1950, she was named "Miss Department of Illinois," which sounds to me like a distinctly less prestigious title.

The "Miss Department" title indicated that the contest was run by the Illinois department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. However, I haven't been able to find any "Miss Departments" from other states. So this must have been a uniquely Illinois thing.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - July 2, 1950

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Category: Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Contests | 1950s

Wife Swapping By Mail

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Category: Husbands | Wives | 1960s | Sex | Postal Services

July 21, 2021

Square-Wheeled Tank

In 1957, Albert Sfredda secured a patent (No. 2,786,540) for a square-wheeled tank. He explained:

A vehicle equipped with square wheels of the type contemplated by my invention gives better traction and a smoother ride when used on rough terrain than one having circular wheels. Following are the reasons: the sides of a square wheel constitute large flat surfaces for bridging ruts and cavities in the ground whereas a circular wheel follows the surface of the ground and enters many ruts; and the sides of a square wheel provide a large contacting area with the ground when they lie parallel thereto, and, hence, afford better pushing effect, whereas a round wheel affords only a small pushing area, which often results in causing a digging effect.

Sfredda was correct that square wheels would provide better traction on rough terrain than circular wheels would. The video below explains why. But the problem, of course, was that his tank would have difficulty moving on a regular, flat road.

Along similar lines, Macalester College has had a square-wheeled bicycle on permanent display since 1997. More info:

image source:

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Category: Motor Vehicles | War | Weapons | 1950s

A Dummy Goes to Africa

Unfortunately, the book is not digitized, and original copies go for big bucks. But you can see more pics and read an account of the tale at the link.

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Category: Puppets and Automatons | Religion | Books | 1960s | Africa

July 20, 2021

Vamp puffer

Designer xalamander is selling a "Vamp puffer" that's "stitched with intricate muscle detailing." Price tag: $660.00.

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Category: Body | Blood | Fashion

Unauthorized Dwellings 18

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Category: Business | Family | Unauthorized Dwellings

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