Weird Universe Blog — March 20, 2024

For relief of emotional stress

For housewives on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Medical Economics - Mar 2, 1959

Posted By: Alex - Wed Mar 20, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Medicine | Psychology | 1950s

The Spectrum of Intemperance

Where do you fall on the boozy scale?


Posted By: Paul - Wed Mar 20, 2024 - Comments (2)
Category: Eighteenth Century

March 19, 2024

Dr. Dante’s Figure Control Record

Just listen to Dr. Dante's exciting voice and lose weight permanently. No exercise! "For Women Only"

The album was released in 1972.

Some trivia about it from "this album is clearly visible in the movie Gremlins which came out in 1984. Towards the end of the movie, after they blow up the movie theater, when they’re chasing Stripe through the department store Billy is walking through the electronics department with a bat and this album is highlighted in that scene."

audio via: thecrosspollinator

Posted By: Alex - Tue Mar 19, 2024 - Comments (2)
Category: Vinyl Albums and Other Media Recordings | 1970s | Dieting and Weight Loss

Voo Doo Magazine

Would you expect the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to feature an extant humor magazine, whose first issue was published in 1919? Well, it's a fact.

You can read scores of issues here.

Posted By: Paul - Tue Mar 19, 2024 - Comments (10)
Category: Humor | Magazines | 1910s | Universities, Colleges, Private Schools and Academia

March 18, 2024

Smell of the Apocalypse

A fragrance recently released by Thomson & Craighead is described as "a complex fragrance based on olfactory materials detailed in The Book of Revelation as it appears in the King James Bible first published in 1611."

Some of those materials:

Thunder, blood, hail and fire, the creatures of the sea that have died, wormwood, a rod of iron, the opened earth, a grievous sore, the blood of a dead man, every living soul [who has] died in the sea, plagues, wine of her fornication, animal horns, filthiness of her fornication, blood of the martyrs of Jesus, flesh burned with fire, [and] a lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.

Posted By: Alex - Mon Mar 18, 2024 - Comments (2)
Category: Armageddon and Apocalypses | Religion | Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

Follies of the Madmen #590

Posted By: Paul - Mon Mar 18, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Crime | Hygiene | Advertising | 1980s | Europe

March 17, 2024

Miracle Face-Bra

"the newest way to make lastex yarn work for you"

Radio and Television Mirror - July 1948

Posted By: Alex - Sun Mar 17, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Beauty, Ugliness and Other Aesthetic Issues | Advertising | 1940s

Under Water/In Air

The band's Wikipedia page.

Posted By: Paul - Sun Mar 17, 2024 - Comments (0)
Category: Music | Surrealism | Cartoons

March 16, 2024

Snail Dough Maker

Thankfully it's for making dough to wrap snails in, rather than making dough out of snails.

source: Catalog of the Unusual (1973), by Harold H. Hart

Posted By: Alex - Sat Mar 16, 2024 - Comments (1)
Category: Food | Technology

Drunken Hog Pile

Intoxicated animals is a favorite WU theme, going back, I think, to entries in Chuck Shepherd's NOTW.

Posted By: Paul - Sat Mar 16, 2024 - Comments (0)
Category: Animals | Inebriation and Intoxicants | 1960s | Alcohol

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