Weird Universe Blog — February 10, 2018

Yell Yaa Hoo

Years before the Internet company Yahoo! came into existence, the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was urging use of the word as a more hygienic form of greeting: "When you come across a friend, raise your hands to the sky and scream 'Yaa Hoo' instead of employing the universal handshake."

The Molina Dispatch - Apr 1, 1988

Apparently Rajneesh believed that "Yaa-Hoo" was quite a powerful word, since he also had his followers use it in a ritualized laughter therapy:

The first part will be Yaa-Hoo!—for three hours, people simply laugh for no reason at all. And whenever their laughter starts dying they again say, "Yaa-Hoo!" and it will come back. Digging for three hours you will be surprised how many layers of dust have gathered upon your being. It will cut them like a sword, in one blow. For seven days continuously, three hours every day... you cannot conceive how much transformation can come to your being.

And then the second part is "Yaa-boo." The first part removes everything that hinders your laughter—all the inhibitions of past humanity, all the repressions. It cuts them away. It brings a new space within you, but still you have to go a few steps more to reach the temple of your being, because you have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears—they are all there, covering you can destroying your beauty, your grace, your joy.

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Category: Hygiene, 1980s

The Fourth Kingdom

Animal, vegetable, mineral--and Bakelite!

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Category: Technology, Advertising, Industry, Factories and Manufacturing, Products, 1930s

February 9, 2018

The McGuire Twins

Many of you might already know about the McGuire Twins, since they appeared on both Family Guy and The Simpsons. But when I realized they hadn't yet been mentioned anywhere on WU, I thought I should correct that.

The two claimed to be the world's heaviest twins. And they probably were. They both weighed well over 700 lbs at their heaviest.

They were born Billy and Benny McCrary. The McGuire Twins was a stage name they adopted later during their professional wrestling career.

Apparently they were of normal weight until age 10, when a case of measles left both of them with malfunctioning pituitary glands, and their weight started to balloon.

They're best known for riding around on their Honda mini-bikes.

More info: and wikipedia.

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Category: Eccentrics, Human Marvels

MONTEZUMA:  the Opera

Ambitious failure, or noble travesty? Decide for yourself!

"The opera contains human sacrifice, burning at the stake, stabbing, stoning, rule by terror, cannibalism, a love story, war, homesickness, intrigue, a ritual dance, and the supernatural...[T]he opera's greatest defect is its libretto, a 'farrago of poetasty', which is 'a ghastly example of self-parody that even a Robert Benchley could not have topped.'"

Source of quote.

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Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art, Music, 1960s, North America, Cacophony, Dissonance, White Noise and Other Sonic Assaults

February 8, 2018

Afraid she’d look like a horse

At the International Beauty Congress held in Los Angeles in August 1963, when Miss Luxembourg (Catherine Paulus) learned during rehearsals that she was expected to appear in a bathing suit during the contest, she started laughing hysterically and was reported to have said, "I will look like a horse. The people will all laugh at me. And then I will laugh. I can't do it... I can't do it."

The judges had to give her a tranquilizer to calm her down.

Somehow she was nevertheless talked into wearing a bathing suit the next day. And, of course, because of her outburst the picture of her wearing it then ran in papers nationwide.

She received a round of applause during her appearance, but didn't make it through to the finals. However, she was awarded the title of "Miss International Friendship" during the contest.

Detroit Free Press - Aug 16, 1963

clipping: Corsicana Daily Sun - Aug 19, 1963

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Category: Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Contests, 1960s

The Presidential Comedy Albums of Earle Doud

Everyone knows the famous JFK-Vaughn Meader album. But how many realize the producer Earle Doud went on with that theme, to much less acclaim?

I can't seem to find any clips on YouTube of the later ones.

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Category: Government, Humor, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s

February 7, 2018

The editor who featured herself

The undergrads at Tampa University had major complaints about their 1967 yearbook. For a start, all their yearbook photos were destroyed in a warehouse fire. So they didn't appear in it at all. And then, the yearbook they got was dominated by pictures of one person, the yearbook editor Carmen Gonzalez. Her picture appeared 24 times in it, including a six-page spread devoted to her as yearbook queen.

When people complained, Gonzalez explained, "I got into every section because I was in everything." She elaborated that she was not only yearbook queen, but also belonged to at least 10 clubs, was named a member of Who's Who, and had the highest scholastic average at the university. Therefore, it was only natural that she gave most coverage to herself.

The students responded by holding a rally at which they burned 500 of the 2000 yearbooks that had been printed.

Sounds to me like Gonzalez was a woman ahead of her time. She would have thrived in the age of social media.

Racine Journal Times - May 27, 1967

The Tampa Tribune - May 27, 1967

Battle Creek Enquirer - May 27, 1967

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Mystery Illustration 67

What institution or organization typically offered these rather tasty-looking meals?

The answer is here.

Or after the jump.

More in extended >>

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Category: Food, 1940s

February 6, 2018

Name That List, #46

What is this a list of? The answer is below in extended.

  • vagabonds
  • discharged soldiers
  • discharged jailbirds
  • escaped galley slaves
  • swindlers
  • mountebanks
  • lazzaroni
  • pickpockets
  • tricksters
  • gamblers
  • maquereaux [pimps]
  • brothel keepers
  • porters
  • literati
  • organ grinders
  • ragpickers
  • knife grinders
  • tinkers
  • beggars

More in extended >>

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Category: Name That List

Salad Beauty Treatment

Posted By: Paul - Tue Feb 06, 2018 - Comments (1)
Category: Beauty, Ugliness and Other Aesthetic Issues, 1960s, Europe

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